Made in Hawaii

Discovering the Unique Beauty of Hawaiian Handicrafts
Hawaii is known for its unique handicrafts and one of the most famous is the Aloha Shirt. First created in the 1930s by a Chinese merchant named Mr. Ellery Chun, these shirts quickly became popular with islanders, surfers, and tourists alike. Today, Hawaiian clothing is available in all styles imaginable and for everyone, including children, adults, and anyone who wants to wear a piece of Hawaii.

The Aloha Shirt is more than just a fashion statement. It represents the spirit of Hawaii and all that it embodies: relaxation, enjoyment, well-being, and island care-free time. It evokes the feeling of being surrounded by beautiful coastal beaches and tropical flora, and the culture and way of life of the friendly people of Hawaii.
Unfortunately, there are many copycats and faux Hawaiian wear available on the market. However, at Hawaii Fun Wear, all of our clothing is made in Hawaii, and nowhere else. From the initial design to the final fabric cut, each Hawaiian dress and shirt is finished with quality stitches sewn by professional seamstresses in Honolulu, Hawaii.
Hawaii is the center of our brand, and we take great pride in the fact that all of our clothing is made in the good Oa'hu island, USA. Our print-perfect tropical fabrics, inspired by magical sunsets and crystal blue beaches, and our Aloha Shirts, hand-cut and buttoned with polished coconut shells, are as Hawaiian as can be. Our strappy and sun-kissed floral dresses capture the playful nature of Hawaii with sexy silhouettes and vibrant, eye-catching colors.
At Hawaii Fun Wear, we believe that clothing is more than just something you wear; it's a way of expressing who you are and what you love. That's why we're committed to creating clothing that's made for fun and made for the sun, all while spreading the love of Aloha. So, whether you're strolling on the beach, enjoying a sunset, or just living your everyday life, our clothing will help you feel the spirit of Hawaii and all that it embodies. Made in Hawaii with Aloha :)

Hawaiian shirts designed our way

Extra-amazing Hawaiian shirts: short-sleeve, coconut buttons, lightweight & comfortable in authentic tropical designs inspired by the islands of Hawaii and all its famous Hawaiian beaches.
Want this shirt in specific? It's an Hawaiian Aloha Border Design Shirt. As you can see, the highlights are skillfully manufactured to have a matching center design and dedication to consistency, where the understated colors of the design shines through.


Hawaii Beer Hawaiian Shirt in Royal.